What Will It Take To Run A 2-Hour Marathon →

The Perfect Race

  1. It will be a cold day in March (or November).
  2. The course will be mind-numbingly boring (and perhaps in Poland).
  3. The pacemakes will form a human wall, setting the state for a time trial.
  4. The payday will be mind-blowing, but not tethered to a specific race.

The Perfect Runner

  1. He’ll have a Paula Radcliffe’s efficiency (and vertical leap).
  2. He’ll be 5’6″ and a buck-twenty soaking wet.
  3. He’ll have towering self-confidence and very fast friends.
  4. He’ll have access to things we can’t imagine.
  5. He’ll be in his early twenties – and fearless.

How to Buy Food: The Psychology of the Supermarket →

Think about your usual supermarket routine. Chances are, if your market is designed like the majority in the U.S., you start shopping at the right side of the store and work your way around the outer rim of the supermarket—with occasional forays into certain aisles, but generally sticking to a counterclockwise route till you get to the register.

Now you may wonder, Why do I always choose to go that way?

The answer is, you don’t. Whoever designed the supermarket chose that path for you, and for a particular reason: About nine in ten people are right-handed, and a counterclockwise route makes it easier for right-handed people to put stuff in their carts.

How in the Hell Did NFL Blitz Ever Get Made? →

The game was quite obviously not a simulation in the realm of the Madden NFL franchise or NFL Quarterback Club, but it was disconnected from reality in a revealing way. The NFL Blitz team wanted to include everything people loved about football and take out the things they don’t, creating a consequence-free version of the sport. Keep and exaggerate the bone-splitting hits; lose the killjoy penalties and injuries.