Just checked and pickles can still ruin a sandwich.

Want to go on a wild ride? Watch Game Show Network commercials on a Saturday night.

Biggest benefit of jet lag is grinding Destiny 2 before the sun is up.

Something has changed since I turned 29.5. I am firing off the best sneezes of my life.

After a Texas afternoon run I am forced to wonder if the cardinal I am seeing really is a cardinal, a bird, or even there at all.

Made it to the Newseum, the United States Capitol, the Library of Congress and saw the Presidential motorcade twice yesterday. Today: Arlington National Cemetery and Richmond, VA.

If you didn’t catch John Wick, put it at the top of your list. If you didn’t catch John Wick Chapter 2, put it second on your list.

This is just a simple status that will serve as a test for designing this specific post type.