April 2018

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Mister Rogers’ Neighborhood

Can you say…Hero?

I would usually put a brief pull quote or my favorite remarks from the article here but, set aside half an hour and read this. You will feel a refreshed sense of care and peace.

In celebration of Mister Rogers’ 90th birthday and the 50th year anniversary of Mister Rogers’ Neighborhood:

Last Man Standing

Fortnite vs. PUBG

There are an insane number of people playing both PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds (over 30 million players) and Fortnite (over 45 million players).

Both games are also pulling wild viewership numbers on Twitch. In February, Twitch streamed 65.44 million hours of Fortnite gameplay and 43.33 million hours of PUBG gameplay. 600,000 people watched Ninja stream Fortnite with Drake…at 3am…on a Thursday.

I think it is widely agreed that Fortnite is a better game. Fortnite is a blast but it never feels high stakes. In PUBG I can hear my pulse. No, not my character’s pulse - my actual beating heart pounding in my ears.


Millions Are Hounded for Debt They Don’t Owe. One Victim Fought Back, With a Vengeance.

“When the scammers started to hound Therrien, he hounded them right back. Obsessed with payback, he spent hundreds of hours investigating the dirty side of debt. By day he was still promoting ice cream brands and hiring models for liquor store tastings. But in his spare time, he was living out a revenge fantasy. He befriended loan sharks and blackmailed crooked collectors, getting them to divulge their suppliers, and then their suppliers above them. In method, Therrien was like a prosecutor flipping gangster underlings to get to lieutenants and then the boss. In spirit, he was a bit like Liam Neeson’s vigilante character in the movie Taken—using unflagging aggression to obtain scraps of information and reverse-engineer a criminal syndicate. Therrien didn’t punch anyone in the head, of course. He was simply unstoppable over the phone.”

Book ‘Em

Ego is the Enemy

The question to ask, when you feel pride, then, is this: What am I missing right now that a more humble person might see? - Ryan Holiday

Get a copy here.

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