May 2019

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Lego Tower

Analysis: How many stacked Lego’s would it take to destroy the bottom Lego

I don’t understand any of this analysis so I’ll spoil it; It would take 454,159 Legos stacked one on top of the other to destroy the bottom brick. That is 2.7 miles of Legos…halfway up Everest.

Sunday Red

Tiger and Time

From the unique perspective of Golden Bell:

And the roars for him were unlike those even for Arnie and Jack. I think that’s because Tiger wasn’t adored like Arnie, and he wasn’t lionized like Jack. No there was something else about him, something more aspirational. I am not sure I can describe it — I am no poet, I am the subject of poetry — but as I understand it, Tiger offered to take the crowd to a place where golf had never gone. He was an astronaut. He hit shots no one had ever hit. He saw possibilities where others saw tree branches and double bogeys. He brought order to a disorderly game.

Anyway, that’s how I have heard it described.

Then, one day, something with Tiger Woods changed. One hears things, but I am not one to partake in rumors. But I could see that Tiger no longer commanded the game the way he had. The crowds still shouted for him, but their cheers were less confident and more nervous. He grew older. He seemed to have a different swing every time I saw him. And then, some years, he did not show up at all.

Strike Three

Time for Robo-umps?

This human element of the game adds color but it comes at a high cost: too many mistakes. In 2018, MLB umpires, made 34,294 incorrect ball and strike calls for an average of 14 per game or 1.6 per inning. Many umpires well exceeded this number. Some of these flubbed calls were game changing.

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