July 2023

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Basically, just walk in and take it

How to Steal a Masterpiece: Advice from the World’s Greatest Art Thief

Don’t come alone. You’ll need a trustworthy accomplice as lookout. Breitwieser’s partner was his long-time girlfriend, Anne-Catherine Kleinklaus. To blend in with the tourists, they always dressed sharply. Cooler weather, Breitwieser emphasized, is preferable for stealing. This way, you can wear an overcoat – just make sure that your stealing coat is at least one size too big, and that your pants are a little loose at the waist.

The only tool necessary is a Swiss Army knife. Stash it in a pocket of your coat. The best way to gain access to a museum is through the main entrance. Purchase a ticket for you and your partner in cash. Walk in.

St. Rappeo and All His Friends

‘Why don’t we lean the other way?': How ‘Strapped’ became a YouTube cult hit

On paper, “Strapped” is a show about two friends and a director who take three-day trips to play cheap, usually municipal golf in cities you would not normally associate with the sport, like Peoria, Ill., or Tallahassee, Fla., or—in the 11th series, coming out this month—Phoenix. They have a budget of $500 to cover all rounds, lodging, food and entertainment, and they can earn extra money (or lose it) based on how they play. They’re joined by occasional guests, ranging from local fans like a Baton Rouge pastor to Homa, a six-time PGA Tour winner who grew up playing cheap golf in California and is such a mega-fan that he volunteered himself for the job.

Get involved: Strapped (Iowa): Part 1, Budget-Friendly Golf at Waveland Golf Course

Feelin’ hot hot hot

Global average sea and air temperatures are spiking in 2023, before El Niño has fully arrived.

The 36-month running average for the Earth Energy Imbalance is now at a record 1.36 Watts per square metre. This looks like a small value, but it corresponds to an average of 11 Hiroshimas of excess energy per second accumulating in Earth’s climate system over the past three years.

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