December 2023

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Texas Summer Soundtrack

Rangers broadcaster Eric Nadel finally makes his ‘bucket list’ World Series call, free version

In Nadel’s time on the job, he has called over 6,000 Rangers games. To measure it by other means, that’s 10 broadcast partners, 15 managers, nine GMs and five different ownership groups. When Nolan Ryan notched his 5,000th strikeout, it was Nadel on the call. When they made their first postseason, 25 years after moving to Arlington, Nadel was the voice that shared the moment. When they finally won their first playoff series, in 2010, Nadel was on the call.

When Nadel finally got the chance to call another Rangers World Series, it came at the end of a difficult season, one in which the broadcaster took a leave of absence to address mental health issues before returning to the team in August. It was the first time fans had been without his presence in 45 years.

‘Louie Louie’

The story behind the song everyone knows but no one understands

The first recording of the song dates back to 1957. Richard Berry, an L.A. musician, recorded a song about a sailor who has to ship out, and leave his girl behind. While the words – written in a fake-Jamaican patois – were an attempt to tap into the calypso music popular at the time (Harry Belafonte was topping the charts), the melodic riff came from a song called El Loco Cha Cha, recorded by Cuban-American band leader René Touzet.

119 pages of the FBI’s investigation into The Kingsmens “Louie Louie” that does not included anyone just asking Jack Ely, the man who sang the song, what the lyrics were.

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