March 2024

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Fast Car

Tracy Chapman and Luke Combs Perform “Fast Car” at the Grammys

Admittedly, this was the first time I heard this song and I can’t recall ever watching a more captivating performance. Champan and Combs borrow all the air available to anyone watching and replace it with a giant lump in their throat.

Here are some of my favorite parts:

Tracy Chapman Performs “Fast Car” at Wembley in 1988

As the story goes, Chapman had performed earlier in the day. Stevie Wonder, who was a surprise guest, was scheduled to go on and while heading to the stage it was discovered that he did not have the accompanying hard drive containing his synthesized music. Regretfully, without that, he was unable to perform his set at that time (he was able to sort out a solution and performed later). Organizers scrambled to a solution. Chapman went on and performed “Fast Car”.

Up until then, Champan had sold around 250,000 albums. The two weeks following her Wembley performance, she had sold over 2 million.

Population: 1

Welcome to Monowi, Nebraska

Eiler’s life as the only resident of a ghost town is truly singular. Each year, she hangs up a notice in Monowi’s only business (her bar) advertising mayoral elections, and then votes for herself. She’s required to produce a municipal road plan every year to secure state funding, and then raises about $500 worth of taxes from herself annually to keep the town’s three lampposts flickering and its water flowing.

“When I apply to the state for my liquor and tobacco licenses each year, they send them to the secretary of the village, which is me,” she explained. “So, I get them as the secretary, sign them as the clerk and give them to myself as the bar owner.”

She also keeps track of the list of nearby vacant residential lots, in case anybody wants to move into one of the decaying buildings and double the town’s population.

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